A new Orienteering course has now been established from Cardiff High School through to Rhydypenau Road. This was a joint venture between the School and the Friends of Nant Fawr (ably supervised by our Ranger Kevin Date!).

For those not familiar with orienteering, the idea is that participants are issued with a map, compass and set of instructions and have to follow a route to find certain marker posts in a set time. 

There are 10 different posts (all numbered and lettered) and it is possible to prepare courses of different lengths, times and complexity. 

The posts are recycled ones! During the recent building works at the school, the Eco Group lost their garden but they were able to dismantle the wooden posts. Then, in their free time, a few Year 8 boys prepared them, together with the plastic signs, ready to be used for the new orienteering course!

The P.E Department has the map (prepared by Peter Jones) and are now planning the courses for their Orienteering activities. Huw Lewis, from the PE Department, is busy preparing the various courses for the pupils to attempt.

February 2014:

A working party from The Friends joined Mr. Rob Griffiths and his Eco Group from Cardiff High School on February 10th and installed 10 marker posts in Woods Covert. 

We were very fortunate with the weather, and the pupils from Cardiff High were at last able to help install the posts that they had prepared with their teacher Rob Griffiths. 

So the orienteering course, starting from Cardiff High School and using all of Woods Covert, is now complete.

Following up their work on the posts, the Eco Group are now building bird and bat boxes for placing in different areas of the Nant Fawr Community Woodlands. Thank you to them.

Thanks also to Friends volunteers Mary and Derek Evans, Jane Williams, Rhian Jones and Tom Williams, for their support on the day.