Saturday, 13 June 2020

Action Plan For Nant Fawr

Although the Friends have not been able to hold regular workdays this spring, we have started to consider what needs to be done in preparation for when we can start again.

There are clearly issues developing, not least due to the increased use of the site this year. Paths in particular have suffered a great deal of erosion due in many cases to the amount of use by bicycles.
We are asking our Committee for their views as to what are the most urgent pieces of work needed.

We would like to thank the public for not leaving a lot of litter around. Obviously the litter bins are heavily used by the dog walkers in particular, and it is unfortunate that sometimes the bins reach the level of overflowing. If this occurs, we do try to contact the Council to see if they can rectify the situation.

If anyone wishes to contact us with comments as to what needs to be done to bring our site back to its best appearance,  please get in touch through the email address

We are always glad to welcome new members to help support our 100 acres of woodlands, meadows, streams  and  parkland!