Friday 7 June 2024

30th Anniversary Celebrations

7th July 2024 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Friends of Nant Fawr Community Woodlands.

To celebrate we will (*) be holding an event to celebrate - so please come along if you can!

Date: Sunday 7 July 2024

Time: 11am - 3pm

Place: Meet at the old Reservoir Car Park, off

Rhydypenau Road. What3Words inspector.rots.survey (see map below).

Activities will include:

- Look at stream creatures through a microscope

- Learn about butterflies/moths/reptiles

- Learn about local environmental groups

- Guided walks around Nant Fawr area

- Follow our Explorer Trail

- Carry out a Scavenger Hunt

- Identify leaves

- Activities suitable for children between 5 - 12 years old

- Prizes to be won!

* In association with Cardiff Council, Welsh Water, Butterfly Conservation,Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Cardiff Naturalists, Friends of Cardiff Reservoirs and Keep Wales Tidy.

Monday 25 March 2024

What’s been happening in Nant Fawr this year

21st January 2024 – This workday was based at the Rhydyblewin end of Nant Fawr. Grass and bramble that had been cut previously was raked up off the meadows and piled to create habitat piles adjacent to the orchard areas. The cutting of this meadow along with the other meadows in Nant Fawr is part of the management plan for Nant Fawr, the aim of which is to regenerate the meadows and encourage the growth of wildflowers. On this workday the volunteers also constructed a drain across the stone path to reduce the effects of flooding in this area and to make the path more accessible.


25th February 2024 – On this workday we focused on coppicing the willow saplings and raking the cut soft rush on Boggy Meadow, in preparation for the growing season. Using the cut willow whips the volunteers started to create a weaved fence/hurdle, that will enclose and protect the small pond in Boggy Meadow.


24th March 2024 – The volunteers continued with the work in Boggy Meadow coppicing the willow and making willow and hazel hurdles to help protect the shallow pond. Work also started on upgrading the path adjacent to the old reservoir car park. A drainage ditch was created, and this work will be followed by levelling out the path, with the aim of reducing the flooding in that area.
















Wednesday 27 September 2023

Invertebrates In Reservoir Outflow Into Nant Fawr Stream!

A very kind lecturer at Cardiff University shared this crude list of invertebrates present in the Nant Fawr stream within c 50-100m of reservoir outflow. Enjoy reading about some of the life that thrives here below, and see these photos of more lifeforms in Nant Fawr stream found in our recent family Stream Shuffle! 


Polycelis tenuis



Glossiphonia (complanata?)



Ancylus fuviatilis

Potamopyrgus antipodarum (non-native)

Radix peregra



Gammarus pulex



Leuctra geniculata

Leuctra moselyi

At least 1 other



Seratella ignita

Baetis spp

Ephemera danica

Heptageniidae spp



>1 spp of Elminthidae  

Dytiscidae (probably Platambus maculatus)



Rhyacophila sp (probably dorsalis)

Hydropsyche sp(p?)

Limnephilidae (Potamophylax/Stenophylax?

Glossosoma spp 

Sericostoma personatum

Friday 15 September 2023

People’s Choice Award 2023 - please vote for your favourite Green Flag park or green space!

People across the UK are being encouraged to vote for their favourite Green Flag park or green space. A top ten will then be announced at a virtual award ceremony on 7 November 2023. 

We’d love to see some wonderful Welsh winners, so please start spreading the word and encouraging visitors, volunteers, friends, family and colleagues to vote for you! 

To vote 

1) Find your favourite park/green space on the winners’ map

(Or click here to vote for Nant Fawr Community Woodlands) 

2) Click on the ‘Vote for this site’ button

3) Share the link via email and social media 

 This year voting closes on the 30 September 2023.

Sunday 6 August 2023

Look what we found in the Nant Fawr stream on the Stream Shuffle!

We had a successful Stream Shuffle on Sunday in Rhydypenau Park. Children were able to catch creatures from the Nant Fawr stream and look at them under the microscope. 

Thank you to Cardiff University for their support.

Tuesday 1 August 2023


We are meeting at the bottom of Rhydypenau Park, near Rhydypenau Rd Bridge. 

• Learn about the creatures that live in the Nant Fawr stream.
• Use our new digital microscope! 
• Follow our Explorer Trail 
• Carry out a Scavenger Hunt 
• Prizes to be won! 
• Activities suitable for children between 5-12 years 
• All children must be accompanied by an adult and wellies are recommended. 
• Why not bring a picnic lunch? 
• Membership forms available (£5 per family per year)

Sunday 14 May 2023


Deep Time Walk


This walk will be led by FONF member Paul Graham on 21st May. It is a journey through the Earth's evolutionary history, starting at it’s creation and walking towards the future up to the present day. 


Commentary will be provided at points along the way exploring the Earth's story, discovering how it's surface has evolved and stabilised over time to support life, and considering our human part in it.


Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to join please book a place asap by replying



Date:     Sunday 21st May

Time:     10am 

From:    Heol Esgyn entrance to Nant Fawr Community Woodland

Length: 4.6km


Note:    The route will mainly follow gravel trails but will also involve sections that can become wet and muddy if there has been rain, so please dress suitably for the conditions.