GPS and Geocaching

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation system that provides location and time information. It is free to use and can be accessed via mobile phones using Apps which can be downloaded. This makes it easy to go out and about with your phone and to find places knowing only their coordinates.

What is Geocaching?

Very simply, it is a treasure hunt! 
We have 3 geocaches placed by the Friends in the Nant Fawr Community Woodland
Containers containing a note pad and pencil are hidden and the GPS coordinates of these containers are posted on a geocaching website. For free registration :-

There are 2,294,929 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide!

Anyone wishing to participate must use a GPS-enabled devices to find the containers which have been hidden. Clues are supplied for the more devious hiding places! When found, you sign the note pad and report back on the geocaching website.

If you want to find ours, register with the website above and look for:-

"Close to weired but closer to a perfect 10" (51.519556, -3.174486 OR
 N 51̊ 31.173 W 003̊ 10.469)

"Take notice when you see a sign" (51.526128, -3.169710 OR 
 N 51̊ 31.568 W 003̊ 10.183)

"Near the tree left by the Heron"  (51.531090, -3.168678 OR
 N 51̊ 31.865 W 003̊ 10.121)